A Nurse with a Gun

Saturday, February 11, 2006


While claiming that portraying the likeness of their prophet is blasphemous, ignorant hate filled Muslims apparently fail to realize that they, themselves have depicted Mohammed in art. Medieval Islamic artists often created paintings and illuminated manuscripts depicting Mohammed's face. Later, as Islamic clerics became more influential and repressive, the depiction of Mohammed's face became taboo. Artists were forced to leave the prophet's face blank, but modern depictions of Mohammed by people of other faiths are not so censored.

But the history of Mohammed being depicted in art is not an entirely Islamic practice. In 2002, an Islamic terror group linked to al-Qaida was suspected of plotting to blow up Bologna's most important church to erase the offence of a 15th-century Gothic fresco showing Mohammed being tormented by devils in hell.

The Milan daily Corriere della Sera reported that in a telephone call intercepted by police, one of the suspect's alleged associates discussed plans for an attack on the Church of San Petronio, which has a large fresco by Giovanni da Modena showing the founder of the Islamic religion in hell. The painter was inspired by Dante, who consigned Mohammed to the ninth circle of hell - reserved for religious schismatics - in his Divine Comedy.

Perhaps it is time for Islamic fanatics to realize that it is not the face of their prophet that is such ripe fruit for satire, but their own actions. Truly, the peaceful religion that responds to depictions of Muslims bombing and burning, by organizing riots to bomb and burn, is the dream of the satirist. If a man does not wish to be depicted as evil, he must first conduct himself in a manner more noble.

Responding to a picture of the teacher with violence is the act of a child, not a man.
For those immature Islamic fanatics I have but one phrase.
Na nah nah boo boo. Mohammed's filled with do do.


Blogger Ben said...

Nice article. It's hard for some of us to understand that some religions teach intolerance and aggression.

11:22 AM  

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