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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robbery Foiled in Miami

Miami-Dade County police say a man shot and killed another man who was trying to rob him at a gas station early this morning. Police said the victim was approached by an armed man at a BP gas station on West Dixie Highway at about 4 a.m. Gas station employees said the robber was a 22-year-old man who went by the street name "S.P." A witness said S.P. came into the parking lot, saw the victim wearing a gold chain, pulled a gun and demanded that he hand over the chain, NBC 6's Jeff Burnside reported. The victim was also carrying a gun. Police said he shot and killed the robber during a confrontation.

Police found evidence that both the robber's and the victim's guns were fired. The gas station owner, Cesar Gaiton, said a cashier counted at least seven shots, some of which hit the food store. "She was screaming. When she called me, I said, 'Hello.' She was screaming, 'Somebody shot somebody in his face,'" Gaiton said.

"From what we gather at this point is that he did have a permit for the firearm. He did utilize the firearm, at this point, from what it seems, in self-defense. But, that's why the interview process and all the information gathering remains the same, like any other case," said Alvaro Zabaleta, of the Miami-Dade County police. The victim was taken to Miami-Dade Police Department for questioning. Detectives believe the robbery attempt was random and the shooting was apparently in self-defense. An investigation continues.

"Somebody shot somebody in his face" Yep. That'll do it. One less thieving scumbag. Good show.


Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

Evolution in action.

10:01 PM  
Blogger rimshot said...

Some “thieving scumbags” will shoot you even though you hand over what they want…why take the chance? Blast the sucker, if at all possible, before he decides to end your life.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous walt said...

I'm impressed. The article properly called the CCW holder the 'victim'. Luckily, not too much of a victim though. :)

10:09 AM  

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