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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shot Show 2006

The gentlemen at Gun Blast.com have their pics from the 2006 Shot Show in Las Vegas up. Jeff and Boge do an excellent job of sticking to the guns and avoiding the marketing floozies there.
Of interest are a Smith & Wesson Gunsite 1911PD (I guess Colt dropped that ball again!), Kel-Tec's new .223 pistol, HK's MP7A1, S&W Performance Center's 8-shot .357 "Tactical" revolver with a light rail, and a whole host of 50BMG and .223 rifles. If you have not found Gun Blast yet, give these fellows a look. They offer an uncompromising online gun netzine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff and Boge don't do anything different than dead tree gun rags. They rave about everything they get their hands on. I've never seen a negative review.


3:49 PM  

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