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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Baton Rouge CCW Shooting Update

A witness has emerged to reveal several pertinent details in the shooting involving a police officer which has caused racial discord in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Auto Zone store records place this witness in the parking lot as the fight and deadly shooting occurred. The witness tells a story not heard before, stating he heard exactly what was said between Officer Brian Harrison and his attacker, George Temple. Out of fear of retaliation, the witness has requested his identity not be disclosed.

George Temple and familyThe witness states he was parked just a couple of spaces away from the black Mercedes Benz George Temple was driving. At first, he didn't pay much attention to the man getting a ticket from the police officer, until he heard Temple and Officer Brian Harrison start to yell at each other. The witness says Temple called the officer a punk and said "you're just jealous of my car". Next, the officer and Temple started to struggle in a fight that went to the ground, with Temple on top of the officer. According to the witness, "You could here them muffled... 'Mother' this and that. 'I told you not to mess with me, I told you -- I'm a beast, I told you not to mess with me. I told you, I told you.' "

The witness says the officer took quite a beating.

Witness: "I mean, Mr. Temple was a big man."

Reporter: "What was the officer saying?"

Witness: " 'Help me, help me!' That's when he started screaming."

Perry StephensThat's when a bystander in a neckbrace, Perry Stephens, shot Temple four times with a .45 automatic, and when Temple still would not stop the attack, Perry put a bullet in Temple's head. Even though the witness believes Stephens likely saved the officer's life, he does take issue with one part of Stephens' story. The witness says he never heard Stephens give a threat or a warning before he shot Temple. "The man probably saved the officer's life... but he did not give out a warning," he says. "But if this would have been on a dark road, we would probably be looking for a cop killer, to be honest with you."

Stephens eventually ended the struggle between Temple and Harrison with a shot to the back of Temple's head. "I heard Temple had a daughter, my heart goes out to the family. But Mr. Temple was aggressive to the officer. If the officer would have shot him, I probably wouldn't have even called Channel 9."

The NAACP is busily creating turmoil with the investigation, attacking the Baton Rouge Police Department's policies as well as Officer Harrison. The witness sees it differently. "I say the officer did everything he needed to do. If I would have been pulled over, I wouldn't have had an attitude, because the officer did everything he was supposed to do." The witness says he doesn't want any trouble or attention. He says he just couldn't sit on the truth anymore. Incidentally the witness is a black man. Sorry NAACP, it's going to be hard to play the race card against him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say four rounds of .45 ACP should have been warning enough.

Any word on the level of cocaine in the late, unlamented Mr. Temples blood at the time of death?

4:35 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

You'd think everyone should know this, but anytime you try to kick a cop's ass, regardless of whether or not he deserves it, bad things will usually happen to you. If the cop is not physically assaulting you himself, then just sit down and shut up.

5:06 PM  
Blogger rimshot said...

I agree with Nick...


I just wonder what Mr. Temples had coursing through his blood at the time of the incident?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a private citizen, there is no requirement that he attempt to arrest him or give a warning.

3:17 PM  

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