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Sunday, March 05, 2006


I try to keep my blog gun related, a sanctuary of interesting reading away from the helter skelter almost schizophrenic blogosphere. At times, however, I read articles that I must pass on.

Michael J. Totten has written just such an article in “The Head of the Snake”.

This is why that son of a bitch in Baghdad must die. Some monsters do not deserve a trial. Providing them the arena of a courtroom gives them a voice and recognition they do not deserve. To preserve our own humanity, at times it is best to recognize monsters for what they are and execute them swiftly without ceremony. The son of a bitch of Baghdad is just such a monster.

Hattip to Hell in a Handbasket


Blogger Pawpaw said...

Like I have said before. He needs Killin'.

11:41 AM  

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