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Monday, March 13, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Chromed Guns & FEMA

As I walked into Dave's shop today, Dave's helper, Jason, crowed that I was a day late. He said I just missed a "chromed out 357 magnum". He said they had just put it out Saturday, with the expectation that I would be passing through.

It is true that I was on call at work last week, and I only managed to make my pawn shop run one time. It would suck to miss out on a Smith & Wesson Model 27, nickeled or not. Cest le vie. The exchange told me three things....

1. This kid did not know chrome from nickel.
2. There might be another Smith accumulator making the rounds.
3. I still have money to buy the next one.

Personally, I think Jason was full of it. When I asked for a better description, he couldn't provide it. Not a Model number or whether it had adjustable sights, a wide trigger, barrel length, nothing. I glanced at the two beater Colts and the Wolverine knives on Dave's shelf, dispensed a little happy horseshit myself and left.

Neil still had the Smith 457 autoloader and his KelTec P40. He was still hoping to lighten his load of guitars from New Orleans as well. Neil told me that as the FEMA support grows more and more tenuous, his pawn business is becoming more and more lucrative. Neil asked if I would like to put some more money on my layaway. I passed. Although it's a very nice pistol, I am in no hurry to get my next SW1911 off layaway. It is secure where it is.

I drove by to see what Amber had, but the roads were being repaired outside her place. I did not have the time to dodge the steamrollers, the pylons and the guys waving signs. I'm guessing nobody else does either. I will check with Amber later.



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