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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Confiscated Firearm Return Program Progess Report

At the end of the second day to reclaim guns wrongfully confiscated by the NOPD, police state only 17 of about 700 weapons had been returned to their rightful owners.

Gun owners must bring a bill of sale or an affidavit with the weapon's serial number. Police also are running criminal background checks on those claiming weapons.

17 out of 700. 683 more guns left to go. Then lets take a look at those Cadillacs........



Blogger rbshaw said...

What a miscarriage of justice! I
thought property rights were sacred in America. What about your amendment rights? It seems like you have a lot more in common with
my gun-grabbing country of Canada
than I was aware. What does a man have to do to be granted freedom in this day and age? Die for his country? Is that the only freedom
governments are still willing to grant a person?

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the looting of Wal-Mart by members of the New Orleans so-called police I wonder how many "confiscated" firearms ended up in the hands of the individuals who confiscated them and not in the official municipal pile of guns stolen from their lawful owners?

9:45 AM  

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