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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cussin' Bob's Gun: Funk Removal

I had the chance to tear down Cussin' Bob's gun this afternoon, and I have rarely seen this much coagulated gunk piled in one place outside of an old Oliver tractor that has been sitting in the field for decades. It is no wonder Bob's 1911 had a trigger pull in excess of 10 pounds! The plungers were stuck in the plunger tube, and the pins required a small hammer and punch to tap out. Just a good cleaning should improve things immeasurably.

The good thing was all the parts are solid. The sear and disconnect are tool steel, not MIM. I'm looking forward to a very interesting rebuild of this pistol. I cleaned off the gunk with automotive brake cleaner, and then put the parts in a ziplock bag sprayed with Ballistol for attention at a later date.

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