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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm the only one Professhunul enuff........

Remember this idiot? His name is Lee Paige. He is now suing the United States of America for allowing the video evidence of his incredible incompetence to be published on the internet. You can read his complaint, all five pages of it, at The Smoking Gun. Heh...smoking gun, how ironic is that?

Mr. Paige chambers a round in a Glock pistol, he mistakenly pulls the trigger in a room full of children, shooting himself in the foot, and then limps around bleeding on the damned floor trying to use his incompetence as a teaching aid. This guy isn't just an idiot, he's an idiot out of touch with reality. After endangering a room full of children with his incompetence, and then asking for another "empty" weapon, he wonders why his job is not all it was before his little boo boo.

Sometimes when you are believed to be an idiot it is best to keep your mouth shut than to speak up and remove all doubt. Mr. Paige, the only way to begin to redeem your lost esteem is to admit your failures and then rebuild. When you find yourself in a hole, it's time to put the shovel aside and quit digging. Mr. Paige, you just shot yourself in the foot again.

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Blogger Paul Simer said...

I show this to any person I introduce to shooting.

It's funny, but the point is deadly serious.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

This was an accident waiting to happen. I'm glad the victim was who it was instead of a bystander.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person in authority who dispatched this professhunul is also a professhunul! So much for the Glock safety.


4:41 PM  
Anonymous badge6 said...

This guy deserves an honorary Darwin Award. The Darwin award is given to anyone who kills himself through his own stupidity and by removing himself from the gene pool does humanity a service. An Honorary award if for people who are too incompetant to earn the full award.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen this clip long time ago as it was shown on the local news. Although, at least to me, the article had sort of an anti-gun slant to it, but anyways...

What bothers me is how this "officer" didn't even think about taking simple safety steps with the weapon.

I would've dropped the clip, opened the action and kept it open and cleared the pipe of any live rounds. In short, make sure that it was completely unloaded and in a state incapable of discharging.

As a matter of fact, the weapon should not have been loaded in the first place if it was a showpiece for the class and not the officer's issued sidearm.

But, of course, another rule of gun safety: always treat a pistol as if it were ready to fire.

He didn't do any of this and, obiviously, had to have had his finger on the trigger while showing the pistol off to the class.

As another poster said: the point is deadly serious.

He could've killed someone with his carelessness. Fortunately, the only one who was hit was the person who caused it.

They should've had Eddie Eagle there to show proper gun safety to those children. - Reinhart

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm the only one professional enough to have a Glock .40 and ..."

POP! A nice, loud report fills the room.

Great way to show your professionalism, eh?

So, it was his sidearm and he did open the action, but he releases the slide lock and, since he didn't bother to drop the loaded clip, a live cartridge gets chambered. Then he foolishly puts his finger on the trigger and then accidentally discharges his weapon while talking about being professional enough to have his weapon.

And, it seems he may be anti-gun himself, too.

You have to be a professional to own and use a Glock .40?

I know amateurs who are better professionals than this dimwit.

And, besides, I'd prefer to stick with a Kimber-made M1911A1. - Reinhart

11:57 AM  
Blogger rayman said...

That's why I fear public speaking... I might look or do something stupid

4:06 AM  
Blogger Al said...

In re: the comment about "Glock safety". One ld man gave his thought on that years ago...I, also an old man", agree with him. Gun safety isn't between your hands-it's between your ears. The crowning insult is that Officer Dumbass is suing DEA and others for "publishing his 'mistake' and making him a laughingsstock". Something tells me he'll likely win. But he made himself a jackass without help.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it wasn't going to go well when I heard Glock "fo-tee."

9:30 AM  

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