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Friday, April 21, 2006

Louisiana Bill to Protect Gun Owners

Representative Steve Scalise, a Republican from Metairie, Louisiana says people need to be able to protect themselves when other officials are overwhelmed during disasters. He says there was no reason for police to take firearms from individuals without cause. A Louisiana House committee has backed a bill that would bar the confiscation of guns during disasters and states of emergency in Louisiana.

New Orleans police confiscated looted over a thousand legally held guns after Hurricane Katrina. Victims of the New Orleans Police abuse of power, in most cases, still have not had their stolen property returned to them.

The House Criminal Justice Committee approved the measure in a 7-to-2 vote. The Senate has passed a similar bill, backed by the National Rifle Association. Scalise's bill goes next to the full House for debate.

Representative Roy Burrell, a Democrat from Shreveport, Louisiana says he worries the bill could take away the rights of police officers to protect people. Mr. Burrell apparently could not grab his ass with both hands if it were in front of him. Since when did the police have a right to protect the people? Shouldn't that be obligation Mr. Burell? As in what the vast majority of the NOPD and their helpers from all over the US failed to do under the misguidance of Eddie Compass III?

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