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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not a Clue.......

After denying the seizures for months, on March 15, 2006, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and the NOPD admitted in federal court that they indeed have illegaly confiscated guns stored in locked steel containers in New Orleans. The city then was forced to agree in court to a process by which law-abiding citizens may file a claim to receive their confiscated firearms.

Now, a New Orleans official handling the gun confiscations stated that no guns have been returned to their rightful owners because the NOPD requires background checks, and the city has not set up a process to do so. The official acknowledged, “We've been told it was going to happen weeks ago and still hasn't been done.”

So....... They are saying they don't have a damned phone line to do a NICS? Why do you need to do a NICS to return a man's property you wrongfully misappropriated? Who the hell do these arrogant asses think they are? Do they not realize they are acting criminally themselves, using the law to unlawfully deprive law abiding citizens of their property after illegally seizing it? Elections are eleven days away Mr. Nagin, eleven days............

Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist, stated, “During a time of chaos and lawlessness, Ray Nagin took away the only means of protection law-abiding citizens had, and by delaying necessary and appropriate action to right this wrong, he blatantly continues to disrespect New Orleans citizens. The Mayor’s contempt of court, his contempt of the Second Amendment, and his disrespect of the law-abiding gun owners of New Orleans is shameful.”


Anonymous Walt said...

I smell a contempt charge landing on someone soon...

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