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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Gun Show Competition

Before I went back to the gun show, I decided to do a quick pawn shop run to make sure I was not missing anything. The stainless ORM Colt 1911 at Neil's was gone. Either Neil sold it, or he decided to get my goat and hid it when he saw me drive up. He wouldn't say. I hope he sold it and got his money back out of it. Neil still had his .455 Hand Ejector and a few other uninspiring guns.

Over at Dave's, the selection had not changed either, except for the addition of a couple of plastic fantastics to the overpriced Colt revolvers.

Amber had a Sigma and a Taurus copy of a Model 10 in her case. With my three favorite pawn shops checked out, it is time to return to the gun show. I pocketed my bore light, made sure the XD9 was in the back of the car and left for hopefully greener pastures.



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