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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: High Prices and New Territory

Dave still had his pitted Colt Police Positive Special and finishless Colt Army Special, both overpriced at $300 each. Dave wasn't wanting to negotiate, so I figure he paid to much for them himself. Sometimes that happens. Just because it says Colt doesn't mean much. Check the book. I noticed something missing in Dave's case. The Wolverine knives were gone. I mentioned that, and Dave smiled a smile of relief.

Neil still had his .455 Hand Ejector at $329, along with his KelTec P-40 and Astra Constable. He was not interested on negotiations either, and with a gun show a week away, neither was I. Neil had moved a couple of deer rifles and shotguns out of hock, but that was it.

Amber had sold both the stainless Ruger MKII and the Raven 25. She did not have anything new on her shelves either. I had an out of town patient to see, and afterwards, had the opportunity to pop into an unknown pawn shop. This shop had several lawn mowers outside, and was crowded with rusty tools and window unit air conditioners. Inside the gun case among the H&R revolvers and crap guns sat a postwar M&P. I asked to see it as the tag did not show the price. It was a four inch model with later grips. The finish was pretty good. I asked how much. The proprietor squnted his eyes, smacked his lips and said $450. Now I might look like I was born on a turnip truck, but it wasn't at night. The owner had given a starter price that was so far out of range I could not counter it. I handed the gun back to the owner, thanked him, and turned to leave. As my hand pushed open the door, he shouted "How much will you give?" I said $200, and he shook his head. I left his dusty shop for the bright Louisiana springtime with a gunshow a week away.



Blogger rbshaw said...

I am looking forward to the gun show! I love the pawn shop circuit

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