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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Status Quo

I swung into Neil's shop first today. Neil told me that the stainless Colt ORM 1911 had some money put on it and was back in hock. Neil still had the bobbed and reblued .455HE. I wasn't surprised. If he dropped the price to $150, I might buy it, but I don't expect him to do that. chances are, he probably has to much money in it. I have been in the market for a good hedge trimmer, so I checked over Neil's gardening tools. No joy for the hedge trimmer.

I traveled over to Amber's place. Amber has my Colt Diamondback on lay away. It has some wear at the muzzle and a few pits where it sat under a car seat or something. It's not the prettiest Colt anymore, but it is in great shape functionally. I was surprised to find one for the $249 asking price. I'm getting kind of antsy to get it out. Maybe for Buy A Gun Day.

Dave was in the process of selling his Firestar when I walked through his door. The two old Colts had not moved in his case, and he still had the blued Taurus 357. I never have been a fan of the Taurus line of firearms. They may be fine for some folks, but when it comes to revolvers, it's just difficult to surpass the value of a used Smith. Thus, I have never had the hankering for a Taurus gun.



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