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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Bubba's Victory

I went by Dave's shop today after work. The overpriced Colt Army Special still resided in Dave's case. Dave also still had the Firestar and the Glock 45 for sale.

Dave had also added a nickel K frame Smith & Wesson to his case. This old Smith had the half moon front sight, and the round end of the hammer axis through the frame beneath the cylinder release. The caliber was .38 Special, with a four inch barrel. It wore old plastic faux jigged bone grips. The action was the sweet long throw type.

The serial number told the story on this revolver. It had a V prefix, and on close examination, the filled lanyard loop recess could be discerned. This revolver was a hot rodded Victory Model M&P. Many Victory Models fell victim to kitchen table gunsmiths and chrome platers. Over the years, they were seen as a plentiful resource for guns to modify. The supply has just about dried up. There will be no more demilled Victory Models hitting the market in masse.

When I see a Bubba Victory such as this one, it makes me a little sad over what was lost. Dave was wanting $150 for it. I've purchased revolvers at that price and performed mini restorations on them. For $150 though, this nickel plated Victory was not a viable candidate.



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