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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: No Changes

Once I had all my patients seen today, I decided to make a quick pawn shop run. Not much had changed at Dave's place, he still had his Colt revolvers and the stainless Ruger MKII for $199. The Glock was still there as well, or at least another one like it.

Over at Neil's nothing had been sold from or added to the handgun case. There were a couple more deer rifles on the rack. I started to put some cash on my layaways, but thought better of it.

Later, when I arrived in Amber's part of town, I visited her shop. She had sold the little S&W Escort. Actually, I'm kind of happy nothing new was out. If I were to see a nice old M&P or Model 1917, I would feel compelled to buy it. With my job change though, I might be better off with cash in hand for a while.



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