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Saturday, May 20, 2006

This Damn House

"Honey......It's a historical house in a historical district..... All the fixtures are original to the home. It's a beautiful home with 14 foot ceilings and it's on the National Historic Register........."

Norm Abram and Tom Silva can kiss my wet PVC glue stained butt. Let me inform the young men who are house shopping with thier soon to be or newly married spouse of a little fact.....Old houses suck. If you enjoy spending your weekends repairing obsolete crap that was cobbled together 50-100 years ago with bubble gum by Bubba's Fly by Night Plumbing and Carpentry Ingenuity Company, then buy an old house.

Yeah, the landscaping is established...........and boring into the clay pipe to the sewer main. One of my first homeowner jobs eight years ago was replacing 90 feet of old clay field pipe with schedule 40 PVC. The damned pipe was three and a half feet underground! Still, it was better than calling Rotor Rooter every month. My house was a rental for over thirty years. The previous owner did things like repair pipes with old automobile radiator hoses and clamps. I have found wiring held together and insulated with band-aids. Band-aids! He didn't care, as long as he could do it for nothing, do it quick, and shut up a complaining tenant for another month.

Today I replaced the fill valve in a toilet, and repaired pipes to a sink that were slowly leaking in the den. It should have been a simple job, over in under an hour. I knew better, I scheduled the entire day to get this crap done. Now, the job is done. Right. Finally. Young husbands, if your house shopping wife starts to watch This Old House or other programs of that nature, turn off the television. Shoot the tube if you have to. It ain't worth it!



Blogger Countertop said...

my neighbors trying to fix the sewage pipe in their yard, you think 3 feets deep . . . . . . . try a 25 foot deep pit.

I'm gonna post pics of it later tonight.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your first red flag should've been when you heard "National Historic Register". wait till you need to remodel or paint the exterior!

11:12 PM  
Blogger Firehand said...

I found out long ago that unless you have lots of free time and lots of money for the parts, materials, bits & pieces, a 'fixer-upper' will eat you alive. You have my sympathies

5:19 PM  

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