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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lowering the Price of the SW1911

A reader in Kalamazoo was quickest on the draw and purchased the laser grips from my SW1911 for $200. lick to enlarge Thus the overall cost of this pistol has dropped to a more affordable $459. I was hoping for that when I placed the pistol on lay away months ago.

Serendipidy was the order of the day, as CDNN had the S&W logo rubber double diamond grips on sale. I ordered a set for $12.99 along with a Chip McCormick trigger and a few other parts to make the shipping worthwhile. I like the CMC trigger, as it is adjustable both for pre-travel and over-travel. I slicked things up a bit, and dropped it in. I did have to refit the grip safety tang to make it operate correctly with the more precise trigger. Other than that, it was a job as easy as a detail strip.



Blogger rimshot said...

X ~ Just wondering…with all the shooting you do are you also a hand-loader? As I write this and think back I realize the answer must be no.

You would have mentioned it numerous times and also expounded upon the safety factors for hand-loading. It is time consuming for sure but it can be quite gratifying and cost cutting in the long run. With all that’s on your plate, time must be the biggest drawback of hand-loading for you?

Just imagine the time you would have to put in if you included hand-loading along with weapon procurement & chasing along with refurbishing, testing and most important of all SAFETY.

We enjoy the your blog very much, keep up the good work X. Give a big thanks from us to your understanding wife too.

11:21 AM  

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