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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: 686 Gone

I stopped by Neil's shop today. He had sold the S&W 686 he had in the case. Neil still had the Beretta 3032, as well as a couple of other semi-autos. he asked how my SW1911 did, and I told him I was pleased with it, that I had found a potential buyer for the laser grips, and I believed I would come out of the deal OK. I was not disappointed to see the 686 go, I often wonder just what it's allure is. It is certainly one of the strongest .357 magnums ever built, but somehow, full lug guns just never appealed to me.

I did not get a chance to go by Dave's today. With work, I was lucky to hit Neil's shop.



Blogger The Sight M1911 said...

The 686 Plus is my bride's favorite gun. Her's is a big ol' hawg-leg of a thing with a 6" barrel. She won't part with it. I have tried everything to get her to switch to an auto or even a more compact wheel gun, but she'll hear nothing of it. It is a decent revolver. With good .357 in it, it's almost flat out to about 250 yards. You can take deer with it if you need to, or smack some goblin up side the head -- it will definitely ring their chimes. Hers also has a beautiful smooth trigger. I was going to do a trigger job on it like I did with my J-frames. I got it out and tested it, and said, "This thing really doesn't need it."

8:35 PM  
Anonymous pax said...

One of my best friends has a 686 that I would buy from her in a heartbeat, if she ever had a mind to sell it. It's a well-loved piece, the trigger is smooth as silk, and I like the solidity of the gun in my hand.

Really don't have a practical use for it. By my lights, it's too big to carry, and I don't hunt. I've already got an adequate home-defense gun.

Nevertheless, I love that 686!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Fodder said...

I just realized you get more comments per post than I get in a month. Impressive.

Couldn't find your email so I'm leaving this here. Hope you see it.

I'm impressed with your IWG postings. The people need this type of message.

When I moved about a year ago, one of the movers walked in the living room as I was putting long guns in the cabinet. Without asking he picked up the Mossberg 500 and racked the slide. I turned and sure enough, finger on bang switch. I took the opportunety to teach him some gun safety, but it really freaked me out. Jezz.

Keep up the good work. Hope you continue to blog. Love the pawn shop circuit posts, too.

8:58 PM  

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