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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Glocks and Smiths

I went in to see Dave today. He had sold the double action S&W pistol, and had added another Glock to his case. Today Dave had two Glocks, priced at $339 and $399. I did not bother to see what models they were. They were just black tactical tupperware to me.

Over at Neil's, the door was ajar to the office, and I could see several handguns on the pegboard inside. One of interest appeared to be a Smith & Wesson revolver with a Hogue grip and a two inch barrel. Of course Neil could not let me handle it, but I did see it waiting to come out of hock. Neil still had his Beretta Tomcat for $179 and his S & W 686 for $399. The 686 just does not trip my trigger the way it does some fellows.

I also found the time to drive by Kenny's, formerly Amber's place. Kenny still had the M&P in his case priced at $275. Kenny had apparently sold the cut down and chromed Victory that was in his case. I wondered if he got the $350 that had been on the revolver's tag. Somehow, I doubt it. At some point I would like to get a chopped and customized Victory, just to further my vintage concealed carry gun collection. I only expect to pay around $125 for one though, and I require it to be .38 Special. That might be a tall order to fill. Dave had one for $150 recently, and I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting it. I want one that has been converted to a snub though. I'm hoping to make a trip over to Shreveport soon, and I will hit the pawn shops there again. Perhaps I will get lucky.



Anonymous Diamondback said...

Not a fan of the Glocks myself. Just don't care for their look. I've shot the 9mm model and it seems to be a fine shooter, just not my cup of tea. I prefer a manual safety on my semis as well. I'm rather wary of the unsupported chamber problem that has caused a substantial number of their larger calibers (anything over 9mm) to kaboom!

10:56 AM  

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