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Friday, June 16, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Paid Off Layaway

I went by Dave's shop first this afternoon. Dave still had his two Glocks, and he had placed a Bersa Thunder and a Ruger KP90 in the case to keep them company. The Bersa was $179, the Ruger was $350. None of Dave's offerings really appealed to me.

I drove on over to Neil's. Neil has the same guns, a Beretta Tomcat and a S&W 686. I had the hankering for a new and different gun, and I had my layaway SW1911 paid down to just over $100. Back in February I was amazed to find not one, but two SW1911s in mint condition under Neil's glass. One was priced at $489. I bought it immediately. The other, with laser grips, was priced higher. It was $659, so I placed it on lay away and nibbled away at the price whenever I had a little extra jingle in my pockets. It was a good deal as well, and if I sold off the laser grips for $200, the actual price of this pistol would become less than the first.

I wondered to myself back then why I needed these two pistols. I figured they would be excellent trade fodder for a WWI Colt at some point, and until then I could enjoy them. The first SW1911 proved itself to be one helluva gun, and I am hoping for the same results with the second. Some of the features of the SW1911, like the zebra finish, I do not care for. It is, however, a very good rendition of a modern 1911. I pulled out $115, paid off the pistol, and took it home.

Range Report soon.

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Blogger the pistolero said...

The Ruger P90 is a hell of a sidearm. I love mine. Not the best looking pistol, but it gets the job done, and how. Built like a tank, as all the Ruger P-Series pistols are, and mine eats anything I feed it. I am still somewhat of a newbie, but I'd still heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a good non-1911 .45 That S&W 1911 in the pic shore is a perty pistol, though...

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