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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: A Helwan

I swung back into Dave's shop today to check on that round butt M&P. Dave would neither confirm nor deny that he had it. That's a good thing. I'll bide my time. Among his other guns, Dave had put out a RG .22 revolver, a snubbie, for $79. Dave's supply of shotguns is replenished for the upcoming hurricane season.

Over at Neil's place, a Helwan had come out of hock. The Helwan is a 8 shot 9mm copy of the Beretta 1951, manufactured in Egypt.Neil had a $119 price tag on it, and that is about what it is worth. I own a Helwan. I bought it because I was interested in Beretta handguns at the time, and I could not find a real Beretta 1951.

The pistol was reliable initially, and fairly accurate, although uncomfortable to shoot. After about 1200 rounds, the slide rails of the frame became so peened that the pistol choked. It took some tools and skill to get the gun running again. In Egypt, and other areas of the Middle East, a pistol is rarely used defensively. It is simply a badge of authority or a tool for executing prisoners. Thus, the Helwan is an acceptable military sidearm there. My Helwan is a CAI import, and so marked. Neil's was the same. I saw no reason to consider it as a purchase.

I did not have a chance to swing by Kenny's.



Anonymous Keith said...

I'm wondering whether you have just answered the riddle of what pistol the cops are carrying here in Angola?

I've seen the odd rusty Makarov, with brown wrap around bakalite gris, but couldn't work out what Commie type pistol had the nicely raked steel backstrap. It just looked too raked and shaped for a tokarev.

Thanks (I didn't want to see one out of its' holster)

3:52 PM  

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