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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Shotguns and Scopes

I went back by Neil's place this afternoon.
Neil had sold his Helwan, but he still had his Heritage Rough Rider for $79, a Glock 26 for $339, and a Sig P220 in 45ACP for $429. Neil had a good supply of shotguns ready for duck season or hurricane season, whichever need may arise.

I went on to Kenny's shop. Kenny had not placed the nickel Smith he alluded to out yet, but he had sold the old M&P he had displayed for a while. In it's place Kenny had a Walther P99 for $499, and a Glock or two.

Dave still had the RG revolver, as well as a stainless Ruger MKII that appeared to be in next to new condition. Surprisingly he also had a couple of scopes in the case. Neither scope was worth much, they were common deer scopes. Perhaps he will sell them this fall.



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