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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Snubbie Formula

I went to the range this morning and I took along my most recent purchase, a Model 10-5 snubbie, among other handguns. The snubbie performed well, although every other handgun I shot punched tighter groups. "How can that be?" some might ask.

A snubnose revolver was never meant to be a target gun. They are dedicated defensive weapons. Accuracy is important in self defense, but so is speed. There is a compromise between "accurate enough" and fast enough. It is in this world that the snubbie comes into it's on. The short sight radius of the snubbie allows it to come to sights faster than a six inch or even a four inch barreled gun. Noticeably quicker. Measurably quicker. Not as accurately, but accurate enough to consistently hit a paper plate at 20 feet. On the move.

The snubnosed revolver has other advantages. It will fire when the muzzle is pressed into a target. It has second strike capability. It has revolver reliability. Diligencia, vis, celeritas......Accuracy, power, and speed. If the equation is reliability plus speed divided by accuracy, the answer to the formula just might be a snubbie.



Anonymous Homer said...

Quite some time ago I was on the prowl for a 2 inch Model 65 or 13 for all the snubby reasons you list, plus the ammo flexibility of a 357; what I eventually uncovered was a super-terrific deal on a 2 inch 66, complete with Pachmyer grips. It performs exactly the same function, and does it very well; I've never understood, though, the reasoning behind putting adjustable target sights on a 2 inch revolver, orange front blade insert to boot.

Deliberate, sighted group sizes are rather good, but "minute of paper plate" from across the room using the barrel as a pointer is all I was after.

I guess I should just be glad the barrel wasn't ported as well.....

3:20 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

I have a 10-5 w/ a 3 inch barrel I picked up used. Its in the shop waiting for a parkerized finish. I also picked up good quality leather holster for 14.99 made by Vega. Seems someone returned it to Ganders minus the package. it was setting on the bottom shelf all lonesome. The clerks were tired of dealing with it...lol. I got off cheap for a nice fitted leather holster for it.

9:07 PM  

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