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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to the Gun Show

I went back to the gun show this afternoon. Yesterday I was called away for an exploratory lap, and today I was eager to see if I had missed anything. As I walked through the aisles, I saw all the guns I had noted the previous day were still for sale at the same prices. Of interest, I spotted a Smith & Wesson "pre-Model 36 that was a three screw gun in nickel with a nickel hammer and trigger. Obviously a fake. I also saw a Colt Agent for $250, and a Series 70 Colt 1911 with Bomars poorly fitted for $725.

I came upon Cowboy Bob inspecting an odd lever action Winchester at another dealer's table, and he flagged me over. "I think I've got something for that little girl of yourn," he said. About that time, a pudgy teenaged Rambo walked past in BDU pants, sneakers, a black T shirt, and a olive drab doo rag around his head. Both Bob and myself stood there slack jawed as this fantasy warrior waddled past with a little Rambo behind him.

Behind the table was a long tressed woman wearing black lip liner and pointy sequined stiletto heels. Between gum smacks, she asked Bob if he wanted the rifle. Bob told her he would think about it, and we went across the auditorium to his table.

Bob's table was being minded by his assistant, who excused himself to go smoke. I looked across the table and spotted several Smith & Wesson wheelies that were not there yesterday. Bob smiled as I went right to a pinned and recessed J framed revolver. It was a Model 34-1, or a Model of 1953 .22/32 Kit Gun. In plain English, it was a .22 snubbie on a J frame with adjustable sights. Bob had seen me coming. He had purchased it from another dealer yesterday and priced it at $350. I did the March Revolver Check Out on it and it checked good. I told him I would give him $300 for it, I figured that was fair. Bob agreed.

As I was filling out the paperwork, I noticed another revolver in target stocks with an eight and 3/8 inch barrel. It was .22 caliber. I picked it up and saw it was a Model 17-4 with very little use. Bob said he had bought it from a walker yesterday after I left. Damn. He had it priced at $435. This revolver was hardly used. I looked Bob in the eye, and said "Package deal. $700."
"Plus tax," Bob replied.
"Done." said I.
We finished the paperwork, transferred the guns and money and I walked them out to my car satisfied in my fortune. While it would have been nice to purchase these revolvers for what Bob no doubt did, I still did not get skint too badly. More on them later as time allows.



Anonymous Rob said...

For our area those would be exceptional finds. I would have gladly paid Bob’s asking price. Ah California, love it, hate it.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Jay G said...

A 17-4 with 8 3/8" barrel? If it has a target trigger and hammer, that's last year's BAG Day gun to a "T".

Excellent finds!

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is that semi-auto that looks like a 6-inch barrel 1911 and which company made it?

9:55 PM  
Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

Anonymous, that looks like an AMT Hardballer Longslide.

See this wikipedia page.

11:55 AM  
Blogger TxGoodie said...

It sort of makes me sad to read of your adventures. My late husband loved going to the gun shows and he'd work the room just the way you described. He loved military weapons, especially his Remington 1911A, "George". Me 'n George were manufactured the same year! He'd read the Shotgun News cover to cover and friends would come over to have him break down their guns or to pick his brain about dozens of other matters. He could spot a bargain a mile away...the joy was in the horse trading and he said that a good trade was one that both sides felt they'd gotten a little something over on the other. His friends called him "Big John"....he'd of liked you too.

4:48 PM  

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