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Friday, August 11, 2006

Gun Show in Town!

It's almost like the circus coming to town. A week prior to opening, huge billboards and trailered signs appear all through out town announcing the arrival of "the gun show". Like a circus carnival, a band of gypsies roll into town to lay out a cornucopia of wares in the hope of catching a local's eye. The freaks will arrive too, from the mustachioed white supremacist hawking fake Nazi trinkets, to the woman in skin tight polyester passing out flyers describing the benefits of vinyl siding. The patrons are no less bizarre. No doubt Rambo will show up in his camo BDUs and black 101st Airborne T shirt, his beer belly jiggling away.

So what will ring my chimes at this gun show? I'd like to find a 5 screw P&R K-22 for a take-me-home price. It doesn't have to be in the box, and it doesn't have to wear the original grips. The bluing can be worn as long as the bore is good. I do want it to have a sweet trigger and good timing.

Next, I'd like to find a S&W M&P or Victory Model that is in decent shape and priced right. I have a feeling that may be even more elusive than the K-22. More likely, I will locate a butchered and chromed Victory Model converted from .38 S&W to .38 Special. Chances are the seller will want over $300 for that booby prize.

I will keep my eyes open for a good Colt 1911. I always do that. A GI M1911 is still on my wish list, but I doubt I will find one in my price range at a gun show. Perhaps, though, I may run across a private seller before a dealer does. I may meet a friend who has a friend of a friend..... How John Holbrook finds these guns, I'll never know! If I see somebody selling a Colt 1911, I will take a look whether it is a M1911 or a Colt Gunsite. You never know what may be showing up in a Colt case.

Like a kid who has seen one too many tigers jump through flaming hoops, over the years the circus atmosphere of the gun show seems to lose it's mystique. The expectation of a new and unfamiliar prize dwindles, as cynicism creeps into place. Still, all it takes is some free cash and a show in town. The die hard gunnie will stand outside the ticket booth and be near the front of the line to reawaken the enchantment of his first, deliciously seductive gun show. I wonder who I will meet at the door in the morning........



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