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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogiversary Gun

I thought I might buy a Colt WW1 Repro for my blogiversary gun, so I drove over to the store where I saw one on Monday. I inspected the WW1 Repro closely, and it was a fair specimen. The recoil spring tunnel was slightly off center, but not bad. there were no untoward marks or scuffs on the gun. I offered $900 cash.

I was told no, the store could not sell this gun for that. The gunsmith claimed it had cost them more than that. According to him, they were losing money at the $1035 price.

I looked at him in amazement. I handed the gun back and advised him he should at least mark it up to what he paid so he could break even. God knows I wouldn't want his sense of charity to put him out of business.

Perhaps there will be another blogiversary gun soon.

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Blogger Mulliga said...

In my neck of the woods, $1035 NIB would not be out of the question. From a cursory examination of Gunbroker & Gunsamerica, $900-$950 would be more fair, of course, especially if you're paying cash.

I definitely agree that the gunsmith's attitude was out of line. That's always a pet peeve of mine - "I'm losing on the deal!" Yeah, sure. The least someone can do is say, "Okay, well, thanks anyway, sir."

3:14 PM  

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