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Friday, September 22, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Blogiversary Gun

I suppose it was fate that I would find my blogiversary gun in a pawn shop. As I walked into Neil's shop today, I spied a classic framed revolver under his glass. that it was chambered in .22 long rifle made it all the more appealing. The old revolver was manufactured in 1940, and has a rather nice accessory.

As a gunnie who can appreciate a finely crafted .22 revolver, I was not put off by the $350 asking price. I supposed I might still get the Colt WW1 Repro, but I will have to sell a couple of pistols first to justify it's expense. My Kahr K40 is going on the block, as well as another one, perhaps an HK USP. Neither gets used anymore.

Oh, what was this new revolver? Make a guess. Tomorrow, when I have good light, I'll take photos and will post more about it.

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