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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Roundbutt Ruminations

This morning, my beautiful wifemate was handling my old Model of 1899 and my Double Action Frontier. She was marveling at how well the round butt grip fit her hands. She found the four inch K frame balance to her liking. She wondered at the hands that held the old rubber grips.

I recall a certain round butt Model 10-5 that, if the grips were replaced with hard rubber reproductions, would give her a modern revolver with the grips she likes. She really doesn't need jewelry for Christmas, does she? I'm going to check out a new pawn shop heard about today. I may stop in to take another look at that round butt Model 10 on the way back home.......Someone stop me while I'm ahead............



Blogger DirtCrashr said...

I bought a Hogue rosewood monogriup for mine (and the 4-inch heavy barrel ex-Cop Model 10-8), because she likes the smooth dark wood and it fills her hand better. Do what you know you gotta do!

5:52 PM  

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