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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: The Spotted Dog

At work yesterday, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a sporting goods emporium. I asked my co-workers if they ad ever heard of The Spotted Dog, and I got positive reviews. Today, I drove to another town to see for myself. What I found was a perfect example of a pawn shop that grew into a gun and sporting goods dealer because the owner/proprietor knows guns. In the isolated setting of this tiny river town, The Spotted Dog is the place to go for your sporting needs.

The Spotted Dog boasts a wide variety of new and used firearms, fishing and hunting equipment. The jewelry and other pawn shop items are relegated to a separate part of the store. A gunsmith was concentrating on installing a scope on a camouflaged rifle behind the gun counter when I arrived. The gun counter itself was at least fifty feet long, with guns ranging from Makarovs to 1911s. They had a selection of revolvers spanning .22 Derringers to a S&W 500. There was no shortage of guns at this store, but there were obviously several gun guys who worked there too. They had a good selection of new and used Kimber, Springfield, and Paraordnance 1911s. They had a used Colt stainless ORM 1911 with wood grips in the case for $629. They also had a new Colt Defender with low profile sights for $839. Neither was enough of a deal to stop me.

The Spotted Dog had a Smith & Wesson Model 19 for $299. There was a worn S&W Model 14-4 for $249 and a nickel Colt Trooper for $349. I knelt down to look at a High Standard Model B with a 4 inch barrel, and at last, an eighteen year old kid wandered over and asked if he could help me. I started to ask to see the High Standard, but then I noticed the price tag. $289. Somebody else will have to take that one home. I told the young salesman I didn't need any help, but I would let him know if I saw something interesting. I found nothing that was priced good enough to merit a closer examination.

On the way back home, I spun by the pawn shop that had the round butt Model 10-5 in the showcase. They were closed.



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