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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Electra Amsterdam

Who wants a European styled bike? I do! Electra has introduced a bicycle to the American market that is reminiscent of the utilitarian bicycles that clutter the sidewalks of Europe. The Amsterdam is a bike for those who don't want to ride down mountains and aren't candidates for triathilons. It's a more civilized bike for the person who just wants to get around.

With a diamond frame, it is sturdy. With fenders and a skirt guard, it keeps you dry on wet streets. With a full chain guard, you can ride it in slacks.....With cuffs. A headlight, bell and rear rack round out a classic, practical bike for those who accept no compromise. With a $560 price tag, I'll wait a while.

More on the Electra Amsterdam

Batavus versus the Electra Amsterdam

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