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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Police Positive Revisited

I went back to Neil's shop today, to take another look at his Police Positive Special. I was hoping that Neil might have come to his senses and dropped his $275 tag on the gun. The old gun had several deficiencies, and it would cost to much to get it back into reliable trim. Still, it would be a good tool to learn about the Colt action.

No finish remained on the revolver, and it's original grips were forever lost, with Franzenite replacements screwed on. The once solid Colt lockwork was worn loose by many many rounds shot down the barrel. The rifling was a faint reminder of it's former self. Somebody at sometime sought to polish the rust off, and in so doing removed the prancing pony rollmark as well as diminishing the barrel's markings. To return this revolver to it's former splendor would not be cost effective. $300 can buy a very nice Police Positive Special in most places.

I removed eight twenty dollar bills from my wallet and offered Neil $160 cash for the gun. I could see Neil start to waver, and then he countered $250. I saw where that was going, but I would not give two hundred for this gun. $160 was my top offer, and I would wait. I thanked Neil, handed him his gun back, and asked to take a look at a Browning shotgun on the rack.........



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