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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day

Tell a vet thank you today.
Don't forget.


Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

I got thanked by two guys here at work today.

Thank you for your service, Shipmate Xavier!


4:02 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

And thank you Shipmate Freddy!

5:43 AM  
Anonymous david said...

i was thanked profusely 2 weeks ago at church by a young lady who was just a very little girl when i went in the Air Force. she didnt remember me but her parents told her who i was and she was about falling over herself to thank me. NEVER experienced that before...

i told 17 guys at work thanks of friday. i work with them all in the maintenance dept in a chrysler plant...

thanks Freddy and xavier...


2:48 PM  

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