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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Two 1911s

I drove back out to Dave's shop today to have a look around. Dave still had the SW1911PD for $750, as well as a little H&R revolver for $150, a Llama .45. The SW1911PD was certainly interesting, it is a pistol on my A list. For seven and a half though, the price is a little steep. At $600 I might bite, at $750 I'll wait. If it's still there at tax return time, perhaps..... The scandium Smith is nice. I asked Dave if he had any more old WWII revolvers hidden in back. He just smirked. I fondled the SW1911PD a bit more, handed it back to Dave, and bade him farewell.

On the way to Neil's shop, I swung into Kenny's place. Kenny had no handguns under his glass, but he did have a few pump shotguns for around $120 each. When I finally got to Neil's place, I asked him to pull my Colt Commander from the safe. I fondled it a bit, and I realized that this Series 70 Colt was more my meat. I pulled a Franklin and a half from my billfold and gave it to Neil to put towards the Commander's release. Neil had a like new Smith & Wesson 686 in the case, but it had the lock. No way for me, there are just too many Smith's out there to put up with that! Neil was wanting $399 for the 686. I hope he finds a buyer.



Anonymous Homer said...

When you finally do get the 1911 PD I'll be interested to see what you do with it. I've had mine a while (was offered a deal on an unfired factory show demo gun that I just couldn't turn down) and am quite pleased with it; it gets carried daily. Accuracy is very good, the trigger is 4.5 lbs and a little bit gritty, but that's the default setting on almost any 1911 out of the box, and it needs a set of wide-notch Trijicon sights for night work. I'll swap sights and smooth the trigger, and that's it.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Renegade said...

That's a nice PD! I agree with you, tho... don't pay $750 for it!

Here's a better idea, buy a good ol' milsurp! You can get a Makarov or a Tokorov for dirt cheap, but you won't be able to find those forever...

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4:45 PM  

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