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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blunderbuss Bullshit

Today I came across a website called The Housegun that is trying to sell "blunderbuss" barrels for home defense shotguns. The idea behind this is the mythical impenetrable hail of lead that mows down home invaders like a Briggs & Stratton on Bermuda grass.

They say:
"A sawed off shotgun makes a great home defense weapon because the shorter the barrel the wider the projectile spread pattern. A wide spread pattern gives you a better chance of hitting a armed intruder and stopping him from shooting you. The problem has been sawed off shotguns are illegal. The barrel has to be eighteen inches to be legal. We have found a way to get the wider spread pattern of a sawed off shotgun without breaking the law. Our proprietary cone shaped eighteen inch barrel with a three inch round or oval muzzle provides the wide pattern legally. It looks something like the old blunderbuss that pirates used, but works a lot better. It is perfect for home defense because there is less chance of missing in the panic situation created by a armed intruder in your home. Also the projectiles will not travel as long a distance or penetrate walls like other firearms and possibly kill or injure family members, neighbors etc."

Wrong. A shotgun makes a great home defense weapon because of the power it has to incapacitate intruders quickly, not because it is harder to miss with one. A shorter barrel is preferable because it is more manueverable in tight places, not because it spreads the pattern. The "blunderbuss" barrel will destroy the shotgun's ability to penetrate deeply enough to incapacitate. It will make the shotgun effectively useless. You may as well get a coathanger and try to jab your attacker in the eye with it.

If you want proven home defense, get a simple eighteen inch barrel pump 12 gauge shotgun. Next, invest in training. Learn to use it well under all conditions and in tight places. Save the funnels for putting oil in your car. You can not make up for lack of training by sticking more bullshit on your gun. Software beats hardware every time.

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Anonymous Homer said...

A number of years ago some Mensa member dreamed up a muzzle attachment for a 12 gauge that, with its horizontally-oriented oval opening, was supposed to spread the pattern horizontally, making it "easier to focus" the shot pattern in the leg area of one's assailant.

I can only assume these people, first, have never used a shotgun so they're completely unaware of how they work, and second, are clueless as to why one would choose to use a shotgun in the first place.

I suspect we'll have these types with us forever, periodically resurrecting their contribution to the misunderstanding of ballistic and social physics.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Why let history spoil a good maketting gimmick?

The cone on the end of a blunderbus barrel was a fitted loading funnel to aid reloading while bouncing along on top of a mail coach. on anything other than a muzzle loader it is just a gimmick

6:56 AM  
Anonymous MGDAVIS said...

I thought it was a joke or photoshop the first time I saw it over on Cowboy Blob's site.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Zane said...

Hey, shouldn't this be in the "idiots with guns" section as well? It looks to me like that fellow's finger is all over the trigger.....

5:26 PM  
Blogger Hyunchback said...

The true reason the blunderbuss usually had a funnel-shaped barrel was speed of loading, critical when you have to re-load via the muzzle for each shot. When trying to reload aboard a moving coach, on horse back or aboard a ship the only way to speed up your rate of fire was to speed up the re-load time.

Makes absolutely no sense with anything other than a muzzle loader.

If these people were to investigate the claims behind Taurus' new 45 Colt revolver that has long chambers for putting in .410 shells they would learn that RIFLING can cause a quicker spread of shot out of a barrel.

That would make a rifled slug barrel a superior choice for a HD shotgun, not the ice cream cone barrel.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, this goes absolutely contrary to what I've been taught in the shotgun classes I've taken.

I've always been taught that you want a tight pattern so you can control where your shot goes. Just because you are using a shotgun it doesn't mean you don't have to aim.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous keith said...

Almost forgot to add; traditional blunderbuss barrels were as near paralell sided bores as the production techniques of the time allowed. only the muzzel was funnel shaped.

This icecream cone will loose gas as almost as soon as the wad clears the chamber.

you may as well swallow a couple ounces of 00 buck with curried brussel sprouts and six pints of guinness....

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you all believe this made the newest issue of shotgun news?

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might as well rig up a Claymore mine. "THIS SIDE TOWARD ENEMY" Actually, if you're dumb enough to get this tard-barrel, "THIS SIDE TOWARDS SELF"

9:42 PM  

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