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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pawn Shop Circuit: Hidden Treasures

After work today I drove to both Kenny and Neil's shops. I pulled into Neil's place first. Neil had added a couple of Winchester shotguns to the mix, both fancy with burled wood and gold trimmings. One was a Model 1200, the other was a Model 1400. Neil wanted $189 for the pump, $199 for the auto. Neither shotgun looked like it had seen any use at all, probably just purchased for "investment". I am starting to become interested in shooting clays, so I might be back at his counter on Monday. I will have to think about it a bit first, research prices and such. Neil also had a 50th anniversary Ruger MKII in the case beside a Taurus PT24/7. He had the Ruger priced at $199, but it had a worn finish, with some pitting. I did not look at the price of the Taurus. I spied another one hanging in the back beside a couple of revolvers. I don't need another MKII anyway, unless it is a very good deal.

I wheeled on over to Kenny's, and I found an interesting pistol. This one was a Browning Hi Power, finished in what appeared to be hard chrome. It wore Pachmayr wrap-arounds, and had adjustable sights. It had the Browning gold trigger. I looked it over a bit for Kenny. He had it priced at $599. I kept my thoughts to myself, but I was not certain if Browning ever made a hard chrome Hi Power. Still, the gun had an impeccable finish, and it just seemed "right". I handed it back to Kenny.

Kenny then asked me what I look for in a gun. This knowledge can be a two edged sword. It might cause Kenny to jack up prices on P&R revolvers, it might make him more comfortable accepting older guns he would otherwise refuse. I simply told Kenny I enjoyed older S&W revolvers at good prices, and I like to shoot 1911 style guns. Hopefully that will help my scrounging without raising my prices. Time will tell.



Anonymous TD said...

Browning did indeed do hard chrome Hi-Powers. I was going to link you to one that's up for auction on GunBroker, but I see that's where you snagged the pic in your post. There was also a two-toned model with a hard chrome frame and a black (can't remember if it was blued or black epoxy finish) slide; Browning called it the Practical.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xavier, if your interested in shooting clays, do yourself a favor and stay away from the Winchester 1200/1400 shotguns. They are definately low-end, built when Winchester gave up on "Built to Last a Lifetime" quality!!

2:24 PM  

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