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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gun Show: Two M&Ps

There wasn't much traffic at the gun show when I went back this afternoon. It was a pretty day, but the combination of lack of advertising and other festivities in town effectively killed the traffic. You could actually walk the aisles and see other people from several tables over.

I barely missed one grandmotherly type lady as she removed a Colt 1908 Hammerless from her purse. I saw that it had one broken grip, and then I saw the dealer hand her a one hundred dollar bill.

Then, I spotted something on one of the tables I have been looking for. It was a mangled frame from a Victory Model. One of these has been on my list since John Henwood's book on the M&P reminded me of them. I held it up and asked the seller what he wanted. He said twenty bucks. He had to be kidding. There was nothing useful left on it. I offered him a ten, and he agreed. I stuck my new Victory Model in my pocket, and moved on.

I watched the crowds for those with guns to sell, but I found nothing but a Llama 9mm, a scandium Smith J frame and some big honking Ruger. The granny with the old Colt had come and gone. I located the .38DA topbreak I had seen yesterday for $140. The dealer, an estate dealer, now had a sign on the table saying it was "Make A Deal Sunday". Good. I picked up the revolver, and again offered a hundred dollars, the same as yesterday. The dealer again countered with $120. I looked at the worn extractor star, and put the blood pitted revolver back down. I then moved across the room to a table in the corner.

This seller had two Pre-Depression era Smith & Wesson M&P revolvers, both in .38 Special. One was priced at $225, the other wore a hopeful $250 price tag. I picked up the less expensive gun, opened the cylinder, and checked the bore. It was decent. All the numbers matched. The revolver actually had very little actual wear, although the bluing had deteriorated. These are some of my favorite revolvers. Were they made to this standard today, they would cost more than Performance Center guns.

The seller told me these M&Ps were from his own collection, and encouraged me to make an offer. There would be no tax in a private sale. It was the last hour of the show. I ventured $150. He countered $175. We settled on $165. I took out my money and paid the gentleman, contented with my purchase.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time we got together for an "Xavier Takes Us to the Pawn Shop/Gun Show" trip. How many out there want to sign up?
The tour would start after the obligitory, "Here's what you can say and not say, keep your hands in your pockets, and don't drool" talk. Xavier gets a fee - 10%, 20%? - of what we spend.
Who's with me on this one?

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xavier, what happened to that revolver (crushed barrel???) and what can you possibly DO with it?


8:15 PM  
Anonymous 1894C said...

Yeah what Ross said.

What CAN you do with that?


11:29 AM  

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