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Friday, February 09, 2007

Idiots With Guns #68

Idiots with guns. Just read the article.

Man says he mistook snorkeler for nutria
By Rebecca Nolan
The Register-Guard
Published: Friday, February 9, 2007

REEDSPORT - A man charged with shooting a Smith River snorkeler in the head told detectives he mistook the swimmer for a nutria, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said.

William Roderick, 60, of Reedsport was arraigned Thursday in Douglas County Circuit Court on charges including second-degree assault, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. He was being held in the Douglas County Jail in Roseburg on $700,000 bail. Roderick is accused of shooting 44-year-old John W. Chessman of Marcola once in the head as he snorkeled about 2 p.m. Tuesday. Chessman remained in serious condition Thursday in the cardiac intensive care unit at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital in Portland.

Roderick told detectives he was taking care of a house on Lower Smith River Road when he saw what he believed to be a nutria swimming in the river, sheriff's spokesman Dwes Hutson said. He grabbed a .22-caliber rifle and shot at what he thought was a large, water-dwelling rodent from a deck, he told detectives. He soon realized the rodent was in fact a man and ran to the river to help pull Chessman from the water. Chessman was conscious and able to speak after the shooting, Hutson said.

Witnesses drove Chessman to the Lower Smith River scale shack near Highway 101. From there, an ambulance took him to Lower Umpqua Hospital in Reedsport. He was later transferred to OHSU. Roderick led detectives to the gun, which he had thrown into the river after the shooting, Hutson said. He was convicted of felony drug possession in 1987 and therefore should not have had a gun in his possession, according to state court records.

We need some damned laws to keep guns out of the hands of drug crazed felons!!!!!...... wait a minute.....

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Anonymous Zane said...

Also, isn't one of the rules "know your target and what lies beyond it?" That being said, this was triply stupid. He should not have shot at what he THOUGHT was a large rodent, but what he KNEW was a large rodent. Also, discharging a .22 at the surface of the water is a very highly questionable practice at best. All of this is notwithstanding the fact that he is apparently legally barred from owning firearms in the first place. Hmm, funny how criminals don't obey the laws. It's the darndest thing ain't it?

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

What gets me, is this guy is 60 and still takes meth and does pot?? Sometimes, it makes me wonder why I never did the stuff, and why so many people continue to do so. Oh, I know...I don't like the idea of jail, losing my rights and I love my freedom...yeah, that's it!!

4:57 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

I've seen some big nutria but I'm pretty certain I've never seen one as big as a man.....

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a story of the decendent of one of the big white settlers in Kenya, who shot a local black guy who was on his land and used the excuse he thought the guy was an animal.

after some sort of pitifully short sentance the white guy did the same again.

The local community were less than sympathetic, and word got to him that when he got out some mob justice would follow.

Story goes, He's still in jail with no intention of coming out...

12:27 PM  

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