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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Outdoor Life Responds

"As a point of clarification about this blog, it is important for everyone to realize that the opinions expressed here are Jim’s and not necessarily those of Outdoor Life.

I’ve been friends with Jim for many years and have shared countless great times with him talking about both hunting and guns. While I totally support Jim’s right to express his point of view—this is his blog after all—I don’t happen to agree with him on this matter.

His position that AR- and AK-style rifles don’t have a place among our “sporting arms” is not one that I personally, or Outdoor Life as a magazine, happens to share.

In the six years that I’ve worked at Outdoor Life we have never wavered in our support of our Second Amendment rights, which don’t, and shouldn’t, make a distinction about the cosmetic look of the guns that we choose take to our local gun clubs or into hunting camp.

That said, I don’t expect every other hunter and sportsman out there to have a set of opinions that moves in lockstep with mine. So while I don’t share Jim’s view on this, I also know that he is still the same wonderfully talented and good-natured person he was before this post went up. For those of you who have followed him for all or part of his more than thirty years at Outdoor Life, I would ask you to bear that in mind before damning him with personal attacks."

John B. Snow
Executive Editor
Outdoor Life

So......The Executive Editor of Outdoor Life does not agree with Jim Zumbo's opinion, but he supports his right to voice it. Meanwhile, the same Executive Editor asks that people Jim Zumbo is damning shut the hell up. Is that about right Mr. Snow?

Here's a thought for you. Fire the stupid son of a bitch. Then you might regain some credibility.



Anonymous Standard Mischief said...

if it's his personal blog, he needs to take the Outdoor Life branding crap down. What are people suppose to think?

Jim-Bo's played his NRA card and made his last lifeline call to the 'Nudge. Although I'm still mighty pissed, let's not call for his head over just one stupid comment. Maybe he can penance by buying the NRA a museum or something. ;-)

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Standard Mischief said...

A "These opinions do not necessarily represent those..." disclaimer went up on his blog sometime between 19:10 and 20:37 eastern standard time. That means we are still at Level 3 CYA mode.


7:44 PM  
Anonymous dw insandiego said...

Well just so long as he supports my right to not send a dime towards Outdoor Life as long as they still employ Zumbo.

a hunter _and_ a shooter

12:44 PM  

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