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Monday, February 19, 2007

Remington Severs Sponsorship Ties with Jim Zumbo

Remington to Sever Sponsorship Ties with Jim Zumbo

Madison, North Carolina – "As a result of comments made by Mr. Jim Zumbo in recent postings on his blog site, Remington Arms Company, Inc., has severed all sponsorship ties with Mr. Zumbo effective immediately. While Mr. Zumbo is entitled to his opinions and has the constitutional right to freely express those opinions, these comments are solely his, and do not reflect the views of Remington.

“Remington has spent tens of millions of dollars defending our Second Amendment rights to privately own and possess firearms and we will continue to vigorously fight to protect these rights,” commented Tommy Millner, Remington’s CEO and President. “As hunters and shooters of all interest levels, we should strive to utilize this unfortunate occurrence to unite as a whole in support of our Second Amendment rights.”

We regret having to terminate our long-standing relationship with Mr. Zumbo, who is a well-respected writer and life-long hunter."

Now go buy something with Remington's label on it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow all this Zim Jumbo thing... Damn it was quick, all gun forums I visit reacted with speed of light and force of hurricane... I'm positively surprised..

good wishes from Poland
herrmannek :)

2:44 AM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

Outdoor life's zumbo website still shows a banner ad from Remington. I sent a question to Remington's help desk system (the only communications medium I could find on their website) and got the following response:

Question Reference #070219-000182
Subject: Zumbo's idiotic blog post
Topic: Other
Conservation & Education
Submitted: 02/19/2007 09:16 PM
Last Updated: 02/20/2007 08:42 AM
Status: Waiting

Discussion Thread
Response (Chris) 02/20/2007 08:42 AM

We have and are working to get it removed. We appreciate your support.

Customer (XXXXXXXX) 02/19/2007 09:16 PM
After Jim Zumbo made it clear he had far more in common with the Brady's than the RTKBA crowd, Remington issued a press release stating that they were severing ties with the moron, however Remington's banner ad is still prominently displayed on the blog home page along with Zumbo's name. So which is it? Have you severed ties or not?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Jay G. said...

"Now go buy something with Remington's label on it!"

Y'know, I've been thinking about getting a 10/22...

1:01 PM  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Remington has that kewl magazine-fed pump-action .223 rifle, but most of their stuff doesn't get me going or is out of budget-range. I'll buy some .30-40 Krag or .30 Carbine ammo though.
So Zumbo-politics is the kinda guy who could vote for a gun-banning Giuliani.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Jay G said...

Okay, I confused my "R" gun makers... Yes, I know that Ruger makes the 10/22...

{slapping self upside the head}

Looks like I'll be buying an 870 instead of a Mossie 500, though...

7:47 AM  
Anonymous 308Mike said...

I wish they still made a Model 700 BDL with a bull barrel in .308 (I used to have one - SNIF).

12:17 PM  

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