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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pawn Shop Circuit: MKIIs and 1911s

I drove over to Neil's shop this afternoon, to see if he had any new gegaws on the shelf. As I walked in, he was processing a 4473 and a customer was at the counter. I spied a Browning over/under on the shotgun rack, and waited patiently for Neil. How any customer could have missed that, I'll never know. Once he was off the telephone, Neil walked over to his customer to return his ID, and tell him he passed NICS. Then Neil retrieved the Browning from the rack. Damn.

With the shotgun out of the way, I began to scan the handguns. Neil had a Glock, another plastic gun, I think a Sigma, and a four inch Ruger MKII. It was a clean pistol, but Neil had priced it at $199. This was a bit high for me. Perhaps I need to adjust my mental price gauge a bit for Rugers. Now that the MKII is history, I do expect to see an increase in their used prices. They are good, and popular guns. They are fun as hell. You certainly get your value for that money. The problem is, I already own several. I looked the pistol over and decided I did not need it.

Another pistol that I am looking forward to see in pawn shops is Springfield's GI45. Thus far, I have seen one stainless GI45, priced at $350, and I purchased it immediately. If I can find parkerized GI45s in the $300-325 range, I might just go broke. I am expecting them to eventually become common in the hock shops because they are not flashy, and .45ACP ammo is increasing in price.

I headed over to Kenny's to see if the Model 38 he had described had come out of hock. It had not. None of Kenny's handguns had moved. Not surprisingly, the hard chromed Hi-Power was still there for $600.

Over at Dave's shop The Norinco M1911 was still for sale. Dave had sold both the Glocks for $350 each. I ignored the growing line of shotguns on Dave's rack, and I paid him another $100 towards my SW1911PD. $138 more to go. I'm holding out for Buy a Gun Day.



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