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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Acceptable Face of Ignorant Bigotry

This kind of bald faced bigotry would be ludricous if so many people did not buy into it.
The folks at Guntards are right on target.

Pat Brown blogs on the subject. It seems she was taken out of context.
It seems too, that she is a stand-up gal.



Anonymous zane said...

I guess balanced individuals never have guns. Sheesh. Can somebody post the info of when and where this is from, exactly. I think I have a letter to write or a phone call to make. Something about how I have a big gun collection and, while I may not do yoga, I also do plenty of other benign, "safe, sensitive guy" stuff. I guess these infobabes don't realize that there are some of us gun owners out there that also dance, take photographs, cook, sew, tend a garden, love their girlfriend/fiancee/wife, and shed a tear every time the death tolls from around the world are announced. I guess I'm just evil and never knew it....yeah, right.

That said, one thing is for sure, I'd count on the average, American gun-owner for sympathy before I would from these bigots.

In closing, maybe somebody with a printing press ought to run an edition of a bumpersticker with something like : Bigotry: It's not just for races anymore!

7:47 AM  
Blogger BobG said...

What a crock! How many gun collectors murder girlfriends/wives? There are plenty of guys who do not collect firearms who end up killing. This is probably someone whose "research" was funded by the Joyce Foundation.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Ms. Brown,

I found your comments on the Paula Zahn show extremely dangerous and certainly offensive. To categorize me and thousands of other law abiding citizens as a power hungry murderer is unacceptable. Simply because I have a large gun collection and enjoy all shooting sports doesn't mean I beat or threaten my wife! I LOVE MY WIFE. I WOULD NEVER HARM A HAIR ON HER HEAD! Shame on you for what you said. It was a bold faced, prejudice LIE!

Thank your for you time,

Her Reply,

Gosh, I dunno what show YOU were listening to but considering I am a big supporter of gun ownership and concealed gun carry and own weapons of my own, I have no idea what you are talking about! I was talking about psychopaths coupled with a fascination for violence not normal folks who own guns. I am more than pleased you would use your weapons to defend your wife. Please listen to what is actually being said instead of taken something out of context. It could lower your blood pressure.


Pat Brown

Investigative Criminal Profiler

I replied again very nicely but its way long.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

Wow! I feel violated.

I own guns so I can DEFEND myself, my family and my friends from criminals, not to ATTACK them. What she has just said makes me look like a likely killer of my girlfriend and our unborn baby because I have a gun and knife collection! Thanks a bunch, love!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...


After many emails back and forth I believe what she said was taken out of context. I think Paula Zuhm or whatever is the problem.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Below is part of my reply to Ms. Brown's email

There is a whole community of gun owners right now who aren't real happy with your comments or the Paula Zahn show. I think majority of them misunderstood who you were talking about and took it personal. it really does relieve me that you are a big supporter of gun ownership and concealed gun carry. I hope you understand where I come from and my ignorance of the criminal mind. I'm so very glad you wrote me back and I want to challenge you to keep in mind that while you are discussing your professional work and opinion on these news shows that you remember the general public is watching a gathering conclusions from what you and the rest of the guests are saying. Please keep in mind that our right to own firearms and protect ourselves are being attacked everyday and the general public is very influential because of their gun ignorance. Your in a wonderful position to help preserve the right to bear arms, please use it wisely!

I will post part of her reply following this one.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

I forgot to say I appreciate a good point you made that I think I must pay attention to anytime I answer questions on air. I will make an attempt to be sure (if it is possible) to say, “Alone an interest in firearms or ninja culture is not a problem, but IF it is coupled with psychopathic behaviors, an abnormal interest in power and control through such methodologies is concerning.” I only wish it was PBS and one actually had time to explain a damn thing! Such is Hollywood…

I'm glad I had the email conversation that I did with Ms. Brown. I respect her a lot now and I can't say I know how it is to be talking about my profession then to have what I was saying be lead down a diffrent path that I intended. Hope this clears some things up and demonizes CNN and not Ms. Brown.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im 15 years old and i collect knives, axes, military rifles, and inert grenades. So by what i learned here im crazy and im going to kill everyone right? what is wrong with some people why are they so ignorant?

8:44 AM  
Anonymous phlegmfatale said...

One thing about this "news" clip I find offensive is that some asshat at CNN put the tagline "when pregnancy means murder" below one of the commentators at one point in the video. My first thought was they are confusing this issue with abortion. The fact is that the people who put these infotainment shows together make editorial choices because of an elevated sense of self to manipulate the viewer by shoe-horning them into an emotional position. How pompous and fatuous. It's a small thing, but we are hammered daily by the cumulative effect of myriad small things.

I'm glad she clarified her point on her blog, btw, and thanks for linking that.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The constitutional right to keep and bear arms was against people, not only for hunting or for making pop cans and clay pigeons explode. There's no way that people can defend themselves from crooked politicians or an Army that turns against people like in Hurricane Katrina when they confiscated everyones guns. The state has tanks and apache helicopters. The Fed and their state mouthpiece sold you down the river.

7:37 AM  

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