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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Self Defense in Oklahoma

SALLISAW — Authorities are investigating the overnight shooting death of a man who broke into the home of his estranged wife. Witnesses told police that Robert Andrew Wolfe, 49, broke into the Sallisaw residence and attacked Kimberly Opal Davis with a baseball bat. Davis grabbed a pistol and shot Wolfe, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said it appears the shooting was justifiable. “She shot and killed him while he was breaking into her home,” said OSBI Assistant Director Jon Loffi. “It apparently will be a self-defense shooting.”
Good call Director. Good shot Ms. Davis.



Blogger Hyunchback said...

How stories make the news is seldom mentioned but it has a lot to do with how many people view the world.

If in the story the ex-husband had broken in and the wife had been unarmed she would have been beaten and probably killed.

That story has a potential to make it to national prominence if the networks are pushing "domestic violence" stories. Probably not the day or week it was reported but possibly on one of the news magazine shows when they pulled a NEXIS search in the next three months.

Yet as the story is reported, the woman IS armed and saves her life from an abusive spouse, this story will NEVER be reported by any of the national media outlets.

Oh, it might appear as a mention if they slant it. "Woman shot her ex-husband" not mentioning him breaking in armed with a bat. They may even leave out the information that he was an ex. After all, the tradition is "all the news that fits how we want you to see the world".

How would concealed carry be viewed if our nightly news reported "Last night in our city 7 crimes were averted because the potential victims were armed and the criminals ran away. No shots were fired."?

Or "Ishmael D. Criminal began to feel that armed robbery was too dangerous because too many honest citizens were able to carry concealed. Consequently he decided to get into another line of work. Today he has a thriving gourmet cookie business and he is being offered millions to sell his business to a franchise operation."

Such stories never get told to the national audience.

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