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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robert Evangelist Cleared of Charges

Former New Orleans police officer Robert Evangelist, accused in the beating of Robert Davis, was cleared of all criminal charges today by Judge Frank Marullo. Evangelist (right) and his attorney"I didn't even find this a close call," Marullo declared. The decisive factor was the video evidence that showed Davis struggling for several minutes while police beat him. "This event could have ended at any time if the man had put his hands behind his back," the judge concluded. Robert Evangelist elected to have his case heard by Marullo, without a jury. He pleaded not guilty to second degree battery and false imprisonment. Marullo acquitted him of both counts.

Franz Zibilich, Evangelist’s primary attorney, declared his client “acted appropriately and well within police standards.”

Lance Schilling, another NOLA police officer accused in the same incident, blew his brains out before standing trial.

Stuart Smith, a third New Orleans police officer, was accused of a misdemeanor charge of simple battery against Associated Press producer Richard Matthews. Marullo dismissed that charge. Smith served a 120 day suspension and remains on the New Orleans police force.

New Orleans.......recovering as expected.



Blogger Hyunchback said...

Sure looks to be getting back to "normal". For NOLAPD.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is a dirtbag. The video clearly shows that he is guilty. Even IF he's reinstated, who would ever want to work with this idiot again??? Give him a bucket and sponge and let him wash police cars all day, but keep him off the street as he's a menace. If he's back out on the street, the public trust will sink even lower.

5:20 AM  

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