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Friday, August 03, 2007

Armed Robbery in Jackson, Mississippi

February 10, 2007, Jackson Mississippi. Two convenience store clerks are shot in an armed robbery. 25-year-old Bassam Alomari was shot in the face and right arm. The second clerk, 34-year-old Alhoussine Arhgoummi, was in the back room when he was shot in the forehead and left arm. Five shots in all were fired by the thug.

Notice how the gunman comes in, and without warning begins shooting. The gunman quickly opened fire then raided the cash register. An accomplice, or an opportunist also robbed the register. The bloodied and injured clerk retrieved a 44 magnum revolver and angrily fired three shots into the parking lot after the bandits had left.

Lessons: It's better to have a gun on your hip than a gun in the back room. Shooting wildly out into the parking lot after retreating thugs places the defender in precarious legal territory.

I do not like to second guess those who have seen the elephant, but much can be learned by analyzing shootouts after the fact. God bless the defender with the gun, and may God damn his attackers.



Blogger SpeakerTweaker said...

"Aww, main! I ain' got no problem, main! Gimme five on one, main!"

I know when a guy steps out with a hand cannon, all I can think about is leaving the gas station (after my purchase, of course).

I can add nothing else. What good did the gun in the back do? I'd rather have had a .22 in my pocket than a .44 in the back friggin room. You said it. Gun on hip.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous billh said...

"gimme five on one man"

that's an amazing video from start to finish. that desk drawer piece is worthless, 44 or not, and the clerk is unbelievably lucky to be alive. thanks for posting these Xavier... makes ya think!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Cliff_1911A1 said...

"Gun on hip"... yeah buddy!!!

The suddeness of the attack was shocking to me... and I thought I had seen most everything. The convenience store clerk could have had a dozen .44 magnum revolvers in that back room... well, no further comment needed... it's been covered already.

This is what I want to say... the bad guy "gangsta" simply walked thru the store's front door and opened up immediately on the helpless clerk with a callous disregard for human life and with an obvious intent to kill.

It wasn't the gun... it was the "gangsta" criminal pulling the trigger. He could have been just as lethal with a hammer, pick axe, baseball bat, machete, butcher knife, tire tool... pick one... they all would work equally well.

Regretably, there are those who would use this robbery as another example of the violence caused by guns in our cities... and of course, they'll point out it's high time we got rid of this scurge by outlawing guns.

Beyond that, this was probably just another day in Jackson, Mississippi. We've been so desensitized to violence that such doesn't surprise us anymore.

Some decades ago that city was a decent place to live. No longer is that so. It's a cesspool... a ghetto... a downright dangerous place to be or travel through.

This is an election year in Mississippi and none of the candidates for key posts have made an issue of ridding our capitol city of the crime and vermin infesting it. Reason is, it's impossible short of calling out the National Guard. Murderers, drug dealers, car jackers, rapist, thieves and other assorted felons have long ago taken it over.

Note to those reading Xavier's blog... Travel thru Jackson, Mississippi unarmed and do so at your own peril.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Matt G said...

While the end is amusing ("Gimme five on One!"), the overall effect of the video is shocking.

Frankly, if you're going to leave your defensive arm in the back room, you might as well make it a shotgun or a rifle.

Of course it's folly to be unarmed in such a situation. The only proper action when fired upon is to immediately return fire.

8:52 PM  
OpenID ayah4evr said...

The store clerk was my husband's best friend, and it was shocking for me to finally see the footage of his attack. Now he is afraid to even step into a hood let alone work in a gas station. It's just crazy to me how this "five on one" guy clearly saw Bassam shooting outside and could still walk inside and ask for gas. All I can say is wow. Violence these days just become noise in the background. Nobody is listening.

3:42 PM  

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