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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aguilar Speaks

Rebecca Aguilar, suspended Fox4 reporter and Broadcast Journalist of the Year award recipient of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists is telling her version of the ambush she executed on a private citizen who was twice forced to defend his life and property. If you would like to read endure her whining in it's entirety, you can find it here.

If you would like a few excerpts here goes..........

Her first brush with Walton came Monday morning (Oct. 15), but not on camera. Aguilar had covered the West Dallas salvage business owner's fatal shooting of a would-be burglar the previous night. He had sent another intruder to the hereafter just three weeks earlier. In each case, police confiscated his weapons but Walton likely won't be charged with any crimes. Texas law allows him to protect his property. That he did, although some might argue that his measures were unusually extreme.

Aguilar's story prompted a mild complaint from Walton, the reporter says. He called her at the station, but was mollified when she told him that her story said he had the legal right to literally take the law into his own hands. They talked further, Aguilar says, after Walton deemed the rest of her story "OK." Aguilar says he then added, "But "I'm mad at Channel 11. Those idiots had it all wrong."

"He was rather pleasant on the phone," she recalls, but also profane at times. They hooked up again the same day. Aguilar says that Walton again told her, "I don't have time for you. I've got a full plate."

She in turn told him, "You know I'm a reporter. I may catch up to you."

She eventually caught up with him as he headed to his car with the new shotgun. During much of their on-camera exchange, Aguilar stood inside the driver's seat door with a microphone plainly in view. "Can we talk to you briefly?" she had asked.

"Either you shut the damn camera off or I'm not talkin' to ya," he replied.

But the camera kept rolling and Walton kept talking. What most viewers remember is Aguilar asking him, "Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what you wanted to do -- shoot to kill?" Aguilar asked this in a non-confrontational tone that she maintained throughout the interview.

"The way I asked him was not in a harsh manner," she says. "I'm very careful about my tone. Because since I am a woman, I don't want to be called the b-word."

She also loves the thrill of an "exclusive," as does any reporter worth anything at all. But not at any price, she insists, noting that countless people on the receiving ends of her stories have described her as "one of the fairest people in the world."

"I'm a role model for other journalists in the market," says Aguilar, who is the oldest on-camera female reporter at Fox4. "I show that it doesn't matter that you're close to 50 years old. And it doesn't matter how many awards you get. The big thing in TV news is what have you done for me lately. How can I teach others to be motivated and go out there and kick ass every day if I myself am not doing it?"

Yeah. OK. Obviously she doesn't "get" it. Rebecca Aguilar fails to understand that a person who has just shot three people, killing two, in two separate lethal encounters does not want to be judged by a media jury of one in a blue tailored suit as they are leaving a sporting goods store with a private purchase.

"Whacha get? What's in the box?" She intruded. "Are those tears of......Of what.....Of remorse?" Aguilar asked, feigning surprise and putting not only words into an old man's mouth, but a label on his character.

Mr. Walton replied "I'm not satisfied with the situation right now," as Mrs. Aguilar looks away studying her umbrella. Mr. Walton was obviously referring to being accosted by a relentless reporter in a parking lot. Mr. Walton obviously wanted to be left alone. Hell, Mrs. Aguilar states in her sanctimonious version of events that he had previously told her his "plate was full," meaning he had no time for her that day. He tries to finish his statement, continuing, "With you coming out here," before Mrs. Aguilar cuts him off and attempts to twist his objections into a story.

Aguilar immediately tried to cover Mr. Walton's objection over by saying "About killing two people?" in a judgemental tone as she looked down her nose at a trembling victim of crime.

Her report goes on to say that Mr. Walton was tired of "burglars stealing his tools, cameras, anything they could carry away." She says nothing of the fact Mr. Walton lives at his place of business, and that he killed because he feared for his life. Instead she says "Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what you wanted to do....To shoot?.....To kill?"

Finally, she said "So basically, you were scared, for your own life?"

Mr. Walton responded "What do you think? Do you think I welcomed them guys into my building when they climb up eight foot outside and then they gotta climb down inside?"

At the conclusion of her story, Mrs. Aguilar states what she thinks. She says, "Even though the police say Walton did not break any laws, the case will be turned over to a Grand Jury. It will decide whether Walton will be booked on any criminal charges."

Below is Mrs. Aguilar's news story. Apparently, she does not see what she did wrong. Apparently, she does not appreciate the scorn she heaped on an innocent man who simply defended himself and his property according to the laws of the state he resides in. Mrs. Aguilar does not understand the problem. And that is the problem.



Blogger phlegmfatale said...

For someone who claims not to want to be called the "b-word," she sure acts like one.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

I'm really totally uninterested in this reporter's "version of events." My blood pressure is high enough as it is. I think the tape of her report speaks for itself.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Breda said...


7:50 PM  
Anonymous Andre said...

If I were the reporter the only question I'd have asked is, "Mr. Watson, Remington or Federal buckshot?"

11:38 PM  
Blogger Hyunchback said...

This reporter exemplifies the whole class who believe they are "our betters".

They know right from wrong. We are but silly children to think we may actually have tasted of the Tree of Knowledge.

Instead of asking this reporter to invite all the scum to HER house to steal he balked at talking on camera. Wow, what a brave reporter!

Instead of telling her to get out of his way he was leaving he balked at talking on camera. Wow, what a brave reporter!

I am damned glad that Mr. Watson didn't shoot this reporter. That would mean that I would not ever get the opportunity to punch her right in the nose for being such a totally worthless piece of scum.

The people Mr. Watson shot were BREAKING THE LAW. If they didn't want to die then they could STAY HOME or better yet GET A JOB.

Why isn't she badgering the dead perp's family "Why didn't he go get a job? Why didn't he get one with life insurance so that if he died you would have something? Why did you raise such lazy, stupid scum?"

Those are the people who need to be interviewed and those are the questions to ask.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Jay G said...

She's not a b-word. She's a d-word and a c-word.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Kristopher said...

If she had done such a thing in front of me, I would have been hard pressed to resist the urge to beat her and the cameraman ... and walk off with the camera afterwards.

Reporters need physical correction at times.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points hyunchback about her not pestering the agressors' families.

I think Ms. Aguilar forgot the difference between reporting the news and trying to make the news herself.


1:31 PM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

actually, jayg pegged her. I totally agree.

8:28 PM  

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