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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Cabela's, the world's foremost outfitter, recently placed a .38 special firearm up on the internet for $699. The list it as a "Smith & Wesson U.S. Airforce Lightweight in 38 Special":Click to enlarge
Smith & Wesson U.S. Airforce Lightweight in 38 Special. In 1953 the Air Force purchased a large quanity of Model 12s with alloy cylinders and frames. Smith and Wesson didn't designate the handgun Model 13 but the Air Force stamped M13 on the top strap. They were rejected do to alloy failures and most were destroyed by the government. Backstrap worn or may have been buffed. Stamped "US Property".
Click to enlargeThe serial number of the Cabela's revolver falls into the correct range. The revolver appears to be a four screw gun. The barrel lacks the "AIRCREWMAN" rollmark. It has "U.S. Property" stamped on the backstrap and then rubbed out. At right is a picture of my demilled M-13 Aircrewman frame to compare the topstrap markings. It has "PROPERTY OF U.S. AIR FORCE" stamped on the backstrap. Go here for more information. Draw your own conclusions.

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Blogger dropdownstairs said...

when you buy that I can pick this up for you too
hey it's almost 4000 semoliann
Well worn.
Colt 1911 US Army .45 ACP w/Accessories
# Cal./Gauge: .45 ACP
# Barrel(s): 5"
# Weight: 2 1/2lbs
# Sights/Scope: Fixed
# Stock: Double Diamond Checkered Wood
# Manufacture Date: 1918
# Extras: With Many Accessories!
1918 manufactured Colt Model 1911 US Army pistol. Well worn. Metal finishes have grayed on all the edges as well as some minor pitting on the left and right sides of the slide near the muzzle. General brown patina on the frame and top of the slide. Double diamond checkered grips are well worn as well and showing their age. The bore is average with considerable marks in the rifling lands and grooves. Comes with several accessory items: mess kit, back pack, belt holter, lanyard, whistle, knife w/sheath, first aid kit, and a magazine pouch. SN 378


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