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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Mauser Girl reminds us again that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

Be careful what you treat your pooch with this holiday season. A big assed bone or chopped liver will do just fine...........



Anonymous Dion said...

Why would someone give a dog chocolate when there are people like me that need it.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just chocolate:

Apparently raisins poison the poor things livers and alcohol is seriously bad.

Our spaniel cross prefers rabbit droppings anyway...


8:22 AM  
Anonymous Jp said...

Per my vet: Depending on the size of the dog, very small amounts of processed chocolate (a chocolate chip, for example) won't hurt a dog. Large amounts will. Worse yet, cocoa (used for baking) is much, much worse for a dog. If you own a Yorkie, a handful of chocolate chips could be life-threatening. Not so much in a Rotweiller. In any event, the safe bet is to avoid it altogether.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Jp said...

On the subject of what food should and shouldn't enter your dog's body, I'd like to make a pitch for Azmira (www.azmira.com).

I have a 7 year old lab mix who, for the first 2 years of her life had trouble with every kind of food I gave her. Loose stools, oily coat, vomiting, etc. I made multiple vet visits and went through most brands of dog food before a vet in Lawrence, KS suggested Azmira.

It's an all-natural food that has no age limits/restrictions, from puppy all the way to senior. Every ingredient is used in some way by the dog's body, unlike most other brands (including Science Diet).

Since switching her to Azmira, her check-up's have been perfect. Her coat is beautiful and aside from the occasional bar of soap she for some reason likes to eat, her stools have always been solid and vomiting is a non-issue.

I highly encourage every dog owner to at least check it out. Read up on holistic foods and give them a shot. And don't be fooled by your vet (God love 'em). It's a fact that they push Science Diet because they get a break on their insurance if they do, not because it's the best food on the market.


4:03 PM  

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