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Friday, December 07, 2007

More on Megan Meier


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good. They're sad excuses for human beings anyways. Whether or not they believe it, they killed this girl. Its most definatly a wrongful death civil case and a manslaughter charge for these people. If the prosecutor really wanted to stick them, murder two would work as well. These people are sick and i think deserve all the torment they get. Fuck with good law abiding people and you get the horns.

6:06 PM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

You know, I'm okay with the community holding people accountable when the law doesn't have the teeth or the balls to do so. NOT that a mob has never been wrong, but I think it's pretty cut-and-dried in this case, whether it was the mother or the other teenager who sent the cruel, fictitious posts. People need to reacquaint with the concept that actions have consequences, and that being shitty to people is not an admirable thing. Matter of fact, sometimes there's hell to pay, and rightly so.

9:50 AM  
Blogger dropdownstairs said...


more info on megan

2:03 PM  
Blogger Danny Vice said...

While the Megan Meier case seems outrageous and unique, it isn’t unique. Hundreds of cases of egregious and heinous acts go on every day with the same excuses out of our lawmakers.

One such other case....The case of Nikki Catsouras, is a classic example of disgusting, hateful activity against innocent victims, while our lawmakers excuse themselves from enacting laws to prevent this.

The excuse lawmakers use to let themselves off the hook stem from the growth of the Internet and how fast it's changing. This is a sham.

Chat rooms, message boards, instant messengers and email have been in existence for far over a decade now. While the software used to transmit messages changes slightly, the basic essence of using the Internet to send a message is largely the same. Is a decade or two long enough to establish some basic decency laws in regards to Internet usage?

I’ve posted the Nikki Catsouras story along with many details about the Megan Meier case so the inactivity out of our lawmakers towards these types of cases can be clearly seen.

Those who are interested in learning about cases like Megan’s and Nikki’s case are encouraged to drop by and comment on them if you like. I have a couple of polls set up as well. Danny Vice would like to hear your point of view.

Public awareness of the problem and discussions about possible solutions are the best way to pressure elected officials into action instead of excuse making.

I invite you to come by and share your opinion.

Danny Vice

12:01 AM  

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