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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ugly Gun Sunday

Mauser Medic does Ugly Gun Sundays, and I enjoy looking at the trashed guns he finds. I hope he doesn't mind if I occasionally join in.

This poor Coltish M1911A1 has suffered mightily at the hands of Bubba.

The seller describes it as:
Colt M1911A1 US Military Pistol
It is in good condition. Blue finish was removed in order to do new finish.
Frame stamped "United States Property" "M1911A1 US Army"
Serial number #794153
Slide stamped 832 117
It also stamped "G" inside
Barrel stamped S P
Triggerguard has #71 stamped.
We have been told that hammer not original.
Wood grips have large chip.
I removed the ALL CAPS to reduce the volume. Yeah, the hammer is not original.

Somebody bid this auction up to $416.00. The reserve is still not met. Lucky bidder!

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Blogger dropdownstairs said...

great gun
found this women self def

2:51 PM  
Blogger BobG said...

Why remove a blue finish for that nasty one that is now on it? It looks like a big dirty stain instead of a finish. And those are some ugly-ass grips.

3:41 PM  

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